Statement (Chromanaut)

The Chromanauts - explorers of time and quantum-chroma space - have recently sent me cryptic messages and crude sketches of their encounters in the “negative space.” Out of sheer curiosity I attempt to decode these messages and create images out of them. This difficult and often absurd activity requires me to seek solitude in the vast galactic space of my studio, create a blank white landscape of paper, shred local flora into spectrums from which I can reconstitute “form”, tune the frequency of my Suns, assemble primitive black and gray tools from burnt organic matter, take part in no less than three rituals (one of which is referred to by the Chromanauts as “Le compliment: Rouge et vert”), put my self-orbiting helmet on (with a setting of red/blue shift neutral), calibrate my satellites, meditate on the “ring of moons”, and gesture wildly. Despite my best efforts, their messages are never clear. Once I stop moving they turn into visual static and fade away. I think they find this amusing.

Recently, I have been exploring a box of writings that was given to me a while ago by the unpublished, unkempt, unmotivated, but brilliant poet Hart Charles. The writer gave me this old tattered shoebox out of gratitude when I pointed out that his mustache was uneven. Prior to this, we had a conversation about untitled artwork that is titled “untitled.” He told me that I should never do this because he thought my artwork would become a “non-friendly ghost that will only haunt itself”, and that I should use his words because they were already mine. Though I do not fully understand what exactly he was trying to tell me, nor do I understand the fragmented writings within the box, I continue to use portions of the text as titles in my work and as inspiration for abstract imagery. Most mysteriously, I have recently discovered that Hart Charles referenced the Chromanauts in several of his writings. It seems he was also trying to decode their cryptic messages.

General Statement

My work focuses on weaving personal narratives together across different mediums. Though made in different ways, each piece is interconnected in both execution and content, and is a snippet of a larger on going narrative. Individually the works are fragmented and unintelligible, and viewers become participants creating stories by reconstructing the tangled information. When a viewer interacts with the work they make associations both extrinsically and intrinsically. These associations become the glue that binds the seemingly random bits of narrative together.

This method of creating a story through association reflects the system of hypertext which can endlessly link different documents together. When navigating hypertext one moves from page to page further away from the original text being read. From this process the role of the reader combines with the role of the author. Each reader's navigation through the hyper-linked text creates a new and unique order of information.

Similar to the way that a Rorschach blot reveals the internal ego, my drawings, paintings, and prints provide an opportunity for the viewer to become an author. The abstractions invite the viewer to project their own ideas and interpretations onto the page. In addition, the titles are another fragment of the ongoing narrative. They act as a postscript and do not necessarily describe the content of the image, but rather serve as a signal to the viewer that their interpretation is valuable and important to the reconstruction of an overall story.

The videos are fragmented chapters in the ongoing narrative as well. Interlinked through text and imagery, they add more layers of information in which to reconstruct a story. The screen has several different functions. It sometimes includes footage repeated and layered on itself to act as a page on which text is read, it is sometimes like a non-sequential “home-movie” that suggests a dissociative state, or with imagery absent all together, it allows the viewer to visualize and project imagery onto the screen while following the text.

Through the layering and combination of different strands of text and imagery a texture is created which mimics the mind's associative capabilities. This texture is suggested within my work, but the viewer ultimately creates the narrative. Each time I present my work, a different story is created. As I add new pieces to this body of work I create an ever-changing narrative.