"Spectral Breathing Apparatus"

This Chromanaut has yet to find the correct setting on his SBA. Inhaling hues incorrectly can drastically alter the way you visualize your surroundings.

"Chromaspheric Wanderer 1"

This transmission, taken from the Spectral Lander, shows two Chromanauts wandering through the thick plasmatic atmosphere.

"Chromaspheric Wanderer 2"

The plasmatic atmosphere apparently has crept inside of the Spectral Lander making for a very long elevator ride. The Chromanauts remind us that "not all who are lost are wandering."

"Exactly what they saw"


Astromonid appropriates the famous 1967 Patterson Bigfoot film into an endless loop. As Bigfoot walks, occasionally glancing back at us, a string of text inquires about the fallibility of language and what it means to be a hominid.

"A ring of moons"

The ring of moons is a symbolic image discovered in a dream and referenced throughout my work. It serves as both background and destination. The Chromanauts use it to navigate during their journeys.


"Isenhour Farm"

A video found on a digital camera shows what seems to be two people cooling off under a waterfall in a mysterious, unknown place. As the video plays, a voice off camera assures us that "that's where Isenhour Farm starts".

"Awk wards"

"Chromanaut Incoming Message (excerpt)"

The Chromanauts attempted to recover a message that was broadcast into the "negative space" and seemingly lost forever. Captain Pit and Captain Pick use landmarks to follow the message which they were able to pick up on their communicative device - the Vistaroo.


Of the many journal entries made by the Chromanauts during their journeys, this one in particular is of interest. The reference to the Earth and its trees shows a certain longing and desire to feel the ground underneath - something they have not felt in a long time.

"Like a tiger"

Like a tiger weaves various strings of text together pulled from sources such as text messages, online chats, fringe science journals, and accusatory conversations.

"Residue (Hypnagogic Interaction)"

Residue parallels the phenomenon of hypnagogia, complete with visual and auditory hallucinations interrupted by the neighbor and his dogs.


Dogs overwhelms with an overload of linked text on top of a video of the neighbor's dogs. The shot of the dogs is such that it creates a moire effect adding to the disorientation. Luckily for the viewer, there is a joyful line of text in red at the bottom of the screen to contrast overwhelming imagery.